Current status

Boots to shell and runs some user land utils, but a lot of bugfixing is still needed.

MegaSD support, no floppy driver. RTC support. Keyboard support for international, Japan, UK, and Spanish layouts.

Only one memory mapper can be used at the moment. Not sure is possible to use more than one because of performance penalty due to full slot/subslot switching compared to just ram page switching. Maybe feasible in TurboR.

Switches to R800 CPU ROM mode on boot if available.


  • Audio Support (PSG)
  • Graphics Support
  • Initrom filesystem

Running in real hardware

You need an MSX2 with a memory mapper with at least 128K RAM and a MegaFlashROM with SD card interface.

Build and copy the kernel (fuzix.ascii8.rom) to an sdcard or to a floppy disk and flash it from MSX-DOS using the OPFXSD tool. Make sure you use OPFXSD v1.13 or later. The mapper type should be detected automatically and reported as ascii8.

WARNING: do not flash fuzix as the main kernel

When flashing is complete, insert an sdcard containing a fuzix filesystem and reboot. You can build and generate a fuzix filesystem image using the tool 'build-filesystem' which can found in ./Standalone.

Running in openmsx

You need a recent snapshot of openmsx, openmsx-0.11.0 contains sd card emulation bugs that have been fixed as a result of fuzix development.

Before using openmsx you need to set up your MegaFlashROM_SCC+_SD emulated interface so that it can be detected by Fuzix. You need a MSX-DOS hdd image that can boot from the IDE interface. Copy inside opfxsd.com, nextor.rom, dskrom.rom, romdisk.dsk and recovery.rom, then start openmsx with both IDE and MegaFlashROM_SCC+_SD extensions. From MSX-DOS flash the interface as described in the MegaFlashROM user manual. To run FUZIX just do:

_openmsx -extb MegaFlashROM_SCC+_SD -carta fuzix.ascii8.rom -extc debugdevice -hda fuzixfs.img -machine PanasonicFS-A1GT

It should detect the MegaSD interface in slot 2-3

Prebuilt Images

Fuzix 0.1 (alpha, not even close to stable)




Fuzix Main repo

Fuzix MSX repo